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Last updated on Nov 03, 2020 01:54
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CUPS can be used to check printer jobs, delete jobs or check printer status, to access it you need to browse “http://kioskIPAddress:631” from any PC that is connected to the same network as the KSK-210.

For example as in below image, from Jobs tab you can view list of jobs and their status. From here, you can delete unneeded jobs or troubleshoot the case when printer is connected, paper roll is ok and it is not printing by checking job status.

Also from printers tab you can check connected printer status and details as below:


  1. When deleting jobs, user name and password are required, you need to use below:

User: sedcouser

Password: sedco#159

  1. There is an option in ticketing software settings on KSK-210 à Ticket printing tab to stop issuing ticket if printer fails so tickets will not accumulate in queue (paper roll is empty, printer is having issue)
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