Troubleshooting, some devices are showing warning sign 0 0

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Troubleshooting, some devices are showing warning sign

Usually the warning sign is due to cabling or DHCP issue, accordingly below are troubleshooting steps to isolate DHCP issue:

  • Keep only two devices connected to the power panel.
  • Remove the LAN network cable from the kiosk, keep only the Infotrix network cable.
  • Take a backup from following files from DHCP folder “C:\Program Files (x86)\SEDCO\CVM Queuing Service\DHCP”
    1. dhcptrc.txt
    2. dhcpsrv.ini
  • Delete dhcptrc.txt file from “C:\Program Files (x86)\SEDCO\CVM Queuing Service\DHCP”
  • Open the “dhcpsrv.ini” file from same path, then edit it by deleting the part marked in red as in the below screenshot

Note: the part marked in Green [settings] must NOT be deleted.

  • Open the engine installation settings.
  • Configure the Infotrix port again, make sure that DHCP is enabled and submit the engine installation settings.
  • Restart the engine.
  • Open BMS and check the connected devices if they took and IP address or not.
  • If not please share the DHCP folder with CVMSupport team to check.
Applies toCVM 7.x, CVM 8.x
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